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to help British Virgin Islands to rebuild


For attending Art Gala helping the communities of the British Virgin Islands to rebuild


Knocked Down but Not Out


Hurricane Irma struck the British Virgin Islands on Wednesday 6th September 2017. The hurricane caused absolute devastation. Roofs were torn from houses, streets were left unrecognisable, families were forced to separate, children were displaced, the islands’ schools closed.

Research suggests that children are often the most affected in the wake of a disaster. In the British Virgin Islands today,  hundreds of children are still unable to attend school - even the partially operational UNICEF makeshift schools. If they do, there is a risk they will become intwined with crime, child labour and exploitation. There are lacking facilities and resources for children to recover and rebuild.

Art is a crucial implement for children to connect and express how they are feeling in a normative, non-stigmatising space. Whilst these children wait, art making has - for some - has proved a therapeutic return to a sense of normality. As a fitting means of aid, to minimise the wait, our New York Art Gala will raise the funds for building projects, as a community capacity, for the youth of the British Virgin Islands (BVI).



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